General Technical Assumptions

  • This tool will work in both Classic and modern SharePoint pages.  Also Teams with our SPFx code
  • With the subscription (non customization) Azure is not required to be running in your environment
  • NOT on prem.  M365 - Sharepoint and Teams only
  • Best results Chrome browser or Edge. NOT Explorer
  • Cookies need to be set on the user’s browser
  • The App catalog must be set up on each tenant. Each tenant will require the CharterDesk custom app to be deployed to that environment. Remember the subscription ID works across multiple tenants. Further reading - App Catalog

Within each tenant there are:

1 SharePoint lists:

    • Offices - Remember each office in the list is a floor
    • The images of each floor
    • The bookings of the desks

This is a classical relational database approach using SharePoint lists

2 SharePoint web parts:

    • Floor Webpart - To create the floors
    • Desk Webpart - To create the desk on the floors added using Floor webpart
    • Reservation Webpart - The main webpart which will be used by end users to reserve the desks

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