End User Guide to CharterDesk

This video explains how to book desks or offices


End User FAQs

Q1: Can you book conference rooms, offices and single desks

A1: Yes.  When a Floorplan is mapped out, the conference book would be an area mapped.  See Mapping floorplans

Q2:  How would you book seats at the conference table?

A2:  When the floorplan is mapped out, each conference table chair (seat) could be mapped in the conference room, however this could create confusion with booking schedules.  We suggest, the conference room is a single seat on a floorplan and the user sends the invites to attendees out via Outlook

Q3: How are guest visiting employees handled?

A3: Because CharterDesk is built within SharePoint, the booking user must have an M365 account.  For non employee bookings, the reservation needs to come from an employee

Q4: Can there be different security levels, depending on the floorplan?

Q4:  No.  See Customizations 

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