Manage Users and Subscriptions

This video explains how to add Admins and Users

From the Admin interface, there are the links to change the subscription.

Mapping a Floorplan

This video explains how to map a floorplan

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Need A Customization?

This page should answer your immediate questions

Q1:  Can all the code be run in the client’s Azure environment?

A1:  Yes it can.   The subscription product offering is currently running the the Floor plan booking process in our hosted environment and saves the desk booking in the client’s SharePoint environment.   This would be seen as a custom job and would by pass our subscription process.   Speak to sales via the chat for pricing for private hosting in your Azure.

Q2:  Can there be customizations to this product?

A2:  Yes there can.   Speak to sales via the chat to schedule a discovery call on your requirements.  We are very affordable and are open to thoughts and roadmap ideas.  In some cases this is heavily discounted.

Floorplan Example

Useful Links

End User Guide to CharterDesk

Mapping a floorplan

Licensing Questions

A subscription license can be installed on multiple M365 tenants

This doesn’t apply to the Freemium subscription

If CharterDesk is installed on multiple tenants, the same subscription can be applied.   The licensing is “floorplan based” rather than tenant.

EG: So if an organization has 3 tenants, they only need to purchase 1 subscription plan.

If the the organization is more than 10 floorplans, please contact sales.

The payment gateway is Recurly.   This will appear on your credit card statement.

In fact a single subscription could be used across multiple organizations. Because the subscription model is floorplan based, we don’t mind if there’s 2 subscriptions for 5 floorplans or 5 subscriptions for 5 floorplans.  It’s a floorplan subscription  model

Useful Links:

Prices and Plans


Licensing – Subscription Costs

Q1: Are the costs monthly?

A1: Yes they are monthly

If the plan is downgraded, the downgrade will appear at the end of the monthly billing cycle

The plan changes can be done via the Admin screen.

Q2: Are there set up fees?

A2: No.  Just read the Installation Guide and Managing Floorplans



Pre Purchase Basic Questions of CharterDesk

These Basic Questions and Answers are good to know

Q1:  What data is being stored outside your M365 tenant environment?

A1:  The following information is stored in our databases:

  • The admin associated with the tenant, along with contact number, email address, and tenant ID.

FYI your M365 tenant ID is public knowledge, it’s not a secret.  Just go to this web site:

  • The expiration date of your plan
  • The last time a Floorplan was used
  • The tenant IDs associated with the subscription

The following information is stored with Recurly our online store and payment gateway

  • Credit card information
  • Company name
  • Address
  • Contact person

Only Recurly has access to this information.

The following information is NOT stored or captured by us (No slurping of your data):

  • Active directory ID’s or passwords.
  • Actual users booking desks. These are always stored in your M365 Lists.
  • Your browser history.

Q2: Is there another integration to SharePoint?

A2: The Booking is saved in the SharePoint lists, so a Flow can be triggered.  CharterDesk compliments SharePoint functionality, rather than replaces it.

Q3: What happens when the subscription ends?

A3: Well you need the have a working credit card applied to the subscription.   The billing is monthly and auto-renewal.

Q4:  Where are the desk bookings saved?

A4: Every desk booking is saved in your M365 SharePoint List.  Not in our or your Azure environment.

Installation Guide

This knowledge base article has the installation instructions

Useful Links

Correct permissions; Before you start the installation to the tenant

Read this article before downloading the Installation Guide

The CharterDesk App File

Correct permissions – Before you start the installation to the tenant

It is always best to get things prepped and confirm that you have the adequate permissions to your tenant

Confirm the following:

  • Right permissions
  • App Catalog

To confirm that you have the correct admin access, can you:

1. Go to your SharePoint admin center page:

To confirm this, sign in to as a global or SharePoint admin. (If you see a message that you don’t have permission to access the page, you don’t have Office 365 administrator permissions in your organization).  Please speak to your internal IT.

You will need “Global administrator” level permission to access or create/use an app catalog site

2.  Go to the Admin Centers page

2. If you don’t have an app catalog, create one.  See these Microsoft instructions.

Each O365 tenant that has a working license of the installation will require an app catalog

Once you have the correct admin access and the app catalog is created you are now ready to start the installation.


End User Guide to CharterDesk

This video explains how to book desks or offices

End User FAQs

Q1: Can you book conference rooms, offices and single desks

A1: Yes.  When a Floorplan is mapped out, the conference book would be an area mapped.  See Mapping floorplans

Q2:  How would you book seats at the conference table?

A2:  When the floorplan is mapped out, each conference table chair (seat) could be mapped in the conference room, however this could create confusion with booking schedules.  We suggest, the conference room is a single seat on a floorplan and the user sends the invites to attendees out via Outlook

Q3: How are guest visiting employees handled?

A3: Because CharterDesk is built within SharePoint, the booking user must have an M365 account.  For non employee bookings, the reservation needs to come from an employee

Q4: Can there be different security levels, depending on the floorplan?

Q4:  No.  See Customizations 

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